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Zerm is a Dorrilian "regular". Exactly where he is from is unknown, because Dorrilian's never tell anyone where they are from- they simply kill you before you get the chance to ask.

All Zerm ever wanted to do, as far back as when he was just a larva was to operate one of the new-fangled, top secret, Dorrilian death devices. The supreme death administration, however saw fit to assign him to the records collection department. This was a dandy position for keeping your monthly kill record high by losing the kill reports of other Dorrilians, but for Zerm it was not what he wanted. He submitted his first request for transfer and since positions in records are highly coveted was promptly moved. The Transfer department considered his request to be a mark of insanity and for that reason, he was assigned a job writing greeting cards.

Later he submitted another transfer, this time specifically requesting duty in the Death Development Division, or 3D as it is known. As with all bureaucracies, the supreme death administration promptly confused his request and he ended up at Weather Station 33D. This resulted in a series of transfer requests and saw Zerm moved from Weather Station 33D to Guard Post D33, Observation Station 3D3, Communications Sub-station D3, Transport Ticket Counter 3- on concourse D, and finally the Target Towing Troop... or "3T". 

Like most ants, Zerm never knew enough to quit, and eventually was transferred to 3D. Once there he was assigned to the hottest new death device, the P.U.162 flying death sub. Unfortunately, just as his dreams were about to come true, he crossed paths with Captain Krawlie who promptly washed him out of the program when Zerm failed a multiple choice written test. You see, Zerm suffers from written test anxiety, and selected "It depends" as the best answer to the one and only question on the test.

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