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Copyright and Terms of Use

Use of this web site indicates your agreement to be bound by the below listed terms of use. Persons who do not wish to be bound by the stated terms of use are directed to not use this web site.

Terms of use:

All drawn images found on this web site that have been animated by Wes Oleszewski, or composite images created by that same author as well as text composed by that same author are protected by copyright 1999, 2000 and 2001 Wes Oleszewski. No portion of any material presented on this web site may be reproduced for any form of publication without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder. Material that is equipped with a “print” function installed by the management of the web site is expressly intended for the reader’s private viewing only, and this “print” function does not imply or express any release of that printed material from the before stated copyright. Modification of any of the material protected by the above stated copyright is considered a violation of that copyright. The use of any of the material contained within this web site on any other web site or network of computers, other than those specifically contracted by the copyright holder, Wes Oleszewski, is prohibited.

This web site is a production under the management of Klyde Morris Inc.

Links to other web sites are presented for the convenience of our readers and neither Wes Oleszewski, nor Klyde Morris Inc. are responsible for the content on those sites.

All content presented upon this web site is presented solely in pursuit of humor and the readers of the material are in no way bound to follow any dictates presented. All characters presented are fictional. None of the activities presented here should ever be attempted by actual persons and neither Klyde Morris Inc. nor Wes Oleszewski are in any way responsible for persons being injured or killed as a result of anything presented upon this web site. Both Klyde Morris Inc. and Wes Oleszewski advise that no one who may be influenced in any way should read any of the content of this web site- ever.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, both Wes Oleszewski and Klyde Morris Inc. disclaim all warranties, implied or expressed, including- but not limited to- implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All material contained in this web site is presented “as is” and without warranties of any sort. This disclaimer includes warranties of function and warranties of non-interrupted service, or service free of errors. Products that are advertised on this site are also not warranted by either Wes Oleszewski or Klyde Morris Inc. but are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. No warranty is given or implied that the contents of this site are free of viruses or other harmful content or elements. Neither Wes Oleszewski nor Klyde Morris Inc. shall be responsible or liable to any person, firm, corporation or organization for any loss, damage, injury, claim or liability of any kind or character based on or resulting from any information contained on this site, or by any service offered though this site.

This agreements shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, USA without regard to the place or places of its physical execution and performance. Actions of any sort brought against Wes Oleszewski and or Klyde Morris Inc. based on or resulting from these terms of use shall be brought exclusively before the Federal District Court, Southern Maryland or in a state court located in Anne Arundal County. If any term or provision of these terms of use are, for any reason, held invalid, such invalidity shall not effect any other term in the provisions. These terms of use contain the entire understanding between Wes Oleszewski, Klyde Morris Inc. and the users of this web site.

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