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Inspector Krawlie

Perhaps the most inapt captain of anything who ever lived, Krawlie is routinely assigned to vessels and missions that the supreme death administration hopes will result in his screwing up enough to get himself killed. Unfortunately, Krawlie is such an incompetent Dorrilian that he can not even manage to get himself killed. Each time that he is put in charge of any legitimate project, he manages to foul up to the point where entire squads of Dorrilian regulars are exterminated. This does, however, keep his monthly kill record high, which he proudly submits to the supreme death administration without fail.

Had it not been for the seniority list of "United Death Workers" Local 28,974 Krawlie would never have obtained the rank of Inspector. Unions, however, hold a universal constant that is true even in the ant world, and if you keep your dues paid they protect you no matter how incompetent you are. Krawlie, at one point, became a member of the union's executive council and was put in charge of insuring that the monthly kill reports of the union members were safely forwarded to the supreme death administration. 


He was quietly removed from this position after he accidentally spilled his coffee on the folder containing a full month's reports and then threw them away because he did not want to turn them in smudged... 678 Dorrilian regulars were consequently executed by ceremonial bazooka for not having any kills that month.
 Krawlie’s incompetence has lead to his being a regular target of assassination by his own troops.

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