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Captain Flak

Although he is native to a Michigan corn field, Flak always had the itch to seek a maritime life. With that in mind he joined the submarine service, but found that there were no slots available aboard Cruman submarines. Thus, Flak had to take a job at a “Photo-Ant” booth, which is the place that ants take their pictures when the they want them to get lost. 


Still, Flak longed for the life of a submariner. Soon a position came open, teaching sub-technology at the famed "Sunkmariner Academy", and Flak leaped at the chance. Eventually he was promoted into the job of simulator instructor teaching Cruman ants Dorrilian tactics in a simulated Dorrilian terd ship. 

Over time, Flak accumulated more than 1,000 missions in the simulator. Along with this job in the simulator came a submarine captain's rating. Although Flak had never actually been aboard a real submarine this rating was required to teach in the simulator.

Then came the day that the Merscery decided to transfer Flak to the captain's position aboard the submarine Leavyou. After all, even if Flak had never spent a minute under the water on a real sub, he was listed as a submarine captain, and the vacancy needed to be filled. Only then did Flak discover that he was prone to extreme "submersion trepidation".

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