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Elar is the Klyde Morris' 36,278th cousin, he is from the same corn field in Michigan, but was raised in a different nest. Unlike Klyde, Elar decided to get his flying experience within the ant world and keep his career in the service of the Merscery. This meant being trained in the Cruman military, which in ant terms equates to being given a copy of the "Ant Pilot's Handbook" and being wished "lots of luck".

A reactionary by nature, Elar has a knack for getting lost yet seems to be a natural born survivor. In fact, Elar is one of the only Cruman ants to ever encounter the Dorrilians face to face and live. A direct result of his Dorrilian encounter, however, is a re-occurring case of post-traumatic stress syndrome... or a general freak-out.

In the ant world, there is no difference between military pilot and star ship crewmember, in fact, there is no difference between shoe sales clerk and star ship crewmember. Thus, Elar has also done duty on the Space Corps, along with a large number of shoe sales clerks.

As a military pilot, Elar has piloted everything from out-dated fighter planes to star ships. Although not very good at the pilot job, Elar does love the work which allows him to destroy cool things and crash in new places.

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