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Adventure Ants

Adventure ants are of a different breed from both Cruman ants and Dorrilians. Native to the deserts of California, the adventure ants are loners who strike out into the wilderness seeking anything at all that may equate to an adventure. 

These ants get along with nearly every living creature with the exception of Dorrilians. They actually would get along with Dorrilians if the Adventure ants could keep the Dorrilians from ripping off their heads and limbs long enough to develop a working relationship.

Every Cruman vessel strives to have at least one Adventure ant as a part of its crew. This is not only to help in seeking adventure, but seems to keep the vessel's officers from scurrying about looking randomly for things.
 On the down side, Adventure ants do have a strong tendency to get into places where they do not belong and Cruman ants tend to follow. This includes places ranging from human garbage disposals to nuclear test sites.

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