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Dorrilians are war-like, violent and excessively brutal by their nature. The greatest aspiration of any Dorrilian is not to become an "Evil Master", nor to become an official member of "The supreme death administration", but to kill as many other ants as possible, including their own kind, in as brutal a manner as can be imagined. In fact, each Dorrilian is required to file a written report directly to the supreme death administration at the end of each month detailing their kills. Any Dorrilian who goes for more than one calendar month without a kill is deemed as not worthy of breathing and is shot in the face with a ceremonial bazooka.

Sometimes, a Dorrilian who does not have a kill for a given month will divert the paperwork of another Dorrilian who has lots of kills, and then is given credit for that Dorrilian as a kill after the Dorrilian with the diverted paperwork has been shot with the ceremonial bazooka. Additionally the Dorrilian who diverted the paperwork is given one additional kill to carry forward into the next month just for being ruthless. For a Dorrilian, it is real important to know where your paperwork is going.

Aside from being ruthless and brutal, Dorrilians are also sneaky. In fact, they deliberately construct their ships and submarines to look like large terds. The reasoning behind this is simple, this is the perfect camouflage. No human would go near a terd, in fact they will deliberately divert their attention away from anything that looks like such an object. Additionally, humans almost expect to find terds floating around in the back-waters of their rivers and lakes. Also, Cruman submarines and patrol aircraft have a hard time distinguishing real terds from Dorrilian terd ships, so there is always the element of surprise when encountering a floating or submerged terd. 

Along with being sneaky, Dorrilians are also hindered by the resultant stupidity of their own supreme death administration. You see, the supreme death administration in its bureaucratic myopia decided that since terd ships worked so well in the seas, they would work equally well in outer space. Thus all Dorrilian space ships are also constructed as giant terds making them easy to spot and avoid by the star ships of the Cruman ants.

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