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Cruman Ants

The Cruman species of ants are among the most common breed. In fact the only threat to their existence is their own huge administrative government which micro-manages nearly every aspect of Cruman life. Cruman ants, being a passively cynical society with a bureaucracy that would make Bill Clinton salivate, have a tendency to not learn from their own mistakes. This is not a problem, however, because there are 18 trillion of them and no matter how many times they fatally screw up- there are always more of them available to screw up again.
All Cruman ants are governed and regulated by "the Merscery", a huge group composed entirely of female ants. The Merscery over-sees all aspects of Cruman life including the department of sidewalk cracking and the cupboard infiltration administration. In general, Cruman ants are highly unassuming and do not take anything seriously... including gravity.

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