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Housing Scam

It was a done deal, an inside fix, all was in readiness and on December first 1978 the deed would be done, quietly and with a stroke of an administrative pen. Certainly, nothing could thwart this quiet scam. Then on November 22nd, just eight days before the big fix, this cartoon appeared...

... and the scam evaporated. Over the years that I authored Klyde Morris in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s student newspaper, I had been asked to pledge every fraternity on campus, some even asked more than once. Probably, most of those doing the asking simply wanted credit for having the popular cartoon character on the roster, because as a non-drinker, I’m not that fun of a guy. Each time I had to politely decline because I knew that the day must come when I may be in possession of some information that would prove damaging to the organization to which I had pledged my commitment. To avoid that conflict, I simply refrained from committing to any fraternal organization. This was a melancholy situation as many of my best friends were in fraternities that I truly desired to be a part of, but I was in a one person degree program, Ph.D.. in Cartoonist, and pledged to Klyde Morris and page two of the Avion newspaper.

Avion Newspaper

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