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Ask the Cartoonist

You have to send me e-mail questions so I can post something on these pages!

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this web site, these cartoons, and this cartoonist.

Remember that there are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask the same questions that a zillion other slobs have asked already.

Note - these questions are in no particular order, so when you see yours remember that your importance is not indicated by the order in which your question appears, rather your importance is indicated by how much money you make and how much stuff you own.

Q: Just what are you trying to do here? [must be asked with a suspecting squint.]
A: Primarily, having fun. I brought the strip back because I simply love drawing it.

Q: Where do find the time to do all of this?
A: Some time ago, I played the entire Moody Blues “Time Traveller” box set of CDs in a single day and was warped into a different space-time realm than the rest of you - so I have a lot more time to work on this stuff. Seriously, however, I have been told by the experts that I have a hyper-active cognition... in other words, while the body may be a couch potato, the mind is going at warp speed. So, I’m always formulating my next creative production.

Q: Does Scott O’Grady know you were making fun of him?
A: Haven’t heard from Scott... yet.

Q: Do you think Bill Clinton will find out you are making fun of him?
A: I don’t think that Bill Clinton knows the planet is making fun of him.

Q: Does Klyde Morris have a girlfriend?
A: Nope, he’s living in single guy hell.

Q: How come Klyde never had a girlfriend at Embry-Riddle?
A: Because most “Riddle guys” don’t have a girl friend, and thus could not relate to Klyde if he had one.

Q: Will Klyde Morris ever re-appear in the Avion?
A: If the Avion staff asked, I WOULD absolutely allow them to run the strip from off the web site.

Q: How come we don’t see any female ants in the strip?
A: I don’t draw them well, but I’m working on it.

Q: I wish that you were here [at Embry-Riddle] writing comics today. There is some funny stuff in this strip that nobody  would understand unless they attended Humpty Diddle's School of Poverty.
A: Interesting how some of the stuff that I wrote 15 years ago can be applied today.

Q: Are Elar and Klyde related?
A: Yes... they are frigging cartoon characters you knob! I made them up! Seriously, you can find that complete story in the “About the Characters” section. And you are not really a knob, because anyone who logged onto this site is cool by definition.

Q: That’s some crazy stuff that you have written, you must be stoned all of the time.
A: I do not smoke, never touched a drop of booze in my entire life, and never dropped a drug harder than Tylenol. I’m normally this crazy. My wife says that I’m the only person that she’s ever met who can go to a party and get “contact drunk”.

Q: I think that you go a bit overboard.
A: Go overboard?... hell I start overboard and work from there.

Q: Where’s this all gonna go?
A: I have no frigging idea.

Q: Why do you bother flying around when you are so talented in so many other areas?
A: Two words= Pay Check. Believe me, I’d get outta this professional aviation crap-storm if I could.

Q: What has the university had to say about the return of Klyde Morris?
A: Officially, the university has never had much to say about the strip at any time, perhaps because they knew that I would use their own words to make them look silly. The only actual reaction that I’ve seen so far was when the Director of Alumni Relations was told that something such as this was coming, she meekly tucked her hair behind her ears and said, “Whatever you’re gonna do, please don’t do it until after homecoming.”

Q: Do you ever have a hard time writing a cartoon strip?
A: Nope, never had writer’s block. Occasionally I have gotten a little “dry” but I just clamp on some head-phones and put on a little Allen Parsons Project, and the cob-webs clear.

Q: Do you know that there are typos on your web site?
A: Do you know that you are anal-retentive? I’d suggest therapy, preferably something involving electric shock.

Q: When do you get your best ideas?
A: Any time, any place. In college I used to carry a small note book and scribble ideas as they hit me. I often get my best ideas late in the evening. My wife has gotten used to me leaping from bed and running down stairs to draw up an idea in the middle of the night.

Q: Some of your cartoons offend me, aren’t you afraid you will offend people?
A: Actually, I’m afraid that I wont offend people - you in particular.

Q:; Sometimes I don’t “get” your cartoons.
A: You are obviously an illiterate moron bordering on retardation - just look at the nice drawings.

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