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Oddly, the saga of the cartoons that got me in the most trouble does not end with the editing of that last cartoon back in 1982. Nearly 18 years later, I was visiting my parents in Michigan and my mom was attempting to empty assorted drawers and closets of family memorabilia by pawning it off on each of us kids every time that we visited. She suggested that I should root through her cedar chest and see if there was anything in there that I would like to take home.

In the process of digging for tid-bits from my past I discovered a packet containing some 400 Klyde Morris originals. Among them were 137 strips that I had thought to be totally lost, and among that group was the October 26th, 1982 “P.F.L.O.- Jane’s all the world’s terrorism” cartoon that I had thought was thrown away when it was edited.

In reality, the cartoon was far less inflammatory than those that ran before it, and when read it becomes clear that it was pulled simply to symbolize that the editor had the will to do so.

Thus, thanks to my mom, who never throws ANYTHING away, here is the cartoon that was never run in the Avion, just to make the P.F.L.O. go away...

Avion Newspaper

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