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The NASA Vault

Disclaimer: this area of the Klyde Morris web site contains all of the cartoons that Wes has done in modern times concerning NASA and the subject of spaceflight in general.

Now, we are supposed to have some sort of disclaimer that states flatly and in simple words so that the folks who think that Apollo was faked can understand it, that just because we placed the NASA logo on the site does not mean that NASA is in any way officially connected with anything on this site. The reason for this is that we, and not NASA, are actually the ones who are storing frozen aliens in a secret location in upper Michigan- where everything is normally frozen anyhow. Actually, our frozen aliens are simply frozen smelt left over from last season's run, but if you look into their little eyes they do have the same look as the ones you would see on the fox network... so, what the heck. I mean, if we were to videotape them with some narration by one of those Star Trek actors, all of the morons who think that Apollo was faked would buy the tape, believe it and we'd make a ton of money.

So, if you believe that Apollo was faked, and that our smelt are aliens, you'll also believe that NASA has some connection with this web site because we used their logo... in that case we can't do anything to salvage any meaningful thought from what active cells remain in your brain and can not stop you from flooding nasa headquarters with letters saying that they are wasting your tax dollars by keeping frozen smelt on klydemorris.com.

Enter The NASA Vault

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