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In early 1985, Wes was hanging around his sparsely furnished college apartment with his two roommates deeply submerged in dark boredom. Having just broken up with his girlfriend of the moment and successfully serving a full 45 seconds of regret and depression as a result, Wes decided to start a new cartoon adventure. Considering that he does not smoke, drink or do drugs... what else was there to do? Thus there was born the “The Ant Pilot’s Handbook”. The series went unfinished after Wes met a new girl and the weather in Daytona got warmer. For the next six years, the work rested in Wes’ files until 1991 and the Gulf War. At that time, Wes heard from his college friend, and fellow Avion cartoonist, Buck Wyndham, who was in the gulf flying A-10 Warthogs, and, along with his whole squadron, bored to tears. With that Wes decided that the best way to use the idled cartoons was to adapt them to entertain the deployed troops in Desert Storm. So, the ending of the cartoon was fashioned as such, and Wes shipped the whole thing off to Buck in Saudi Arabia who shared it with the troops.

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