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The Details…

Banner Requirements:
Maximum File Size: 12K (includes all images and HTML)
Animation: Cannot exceed six (6) seconds in length.
Color Palette: 256 (or fewer) adaptive colors with flat colors chosen from Web-safe colors.
File Format and Name: The actual GIF file names must be no longer than twenty-five (25) characters in length, followed by the .gif extension.
Alt text: Maximum of 30 characters on tag line, including spaces.
Target URL: May not exceed 200 characters.

Ad sizes:
Banner: 468x60
Half Banner: 234x60
Button: 117x60

Additional Requirements:
Must be live at the time of time of submission to Klyde Morris, Inc. All CGIs must be functional when submitted.
No JavaScript or Java
Ads must be tested across all major browsers and versions prior to submission to Klyde Morris, Inc. At a minimum, Netscape versions 3.0 and higher and Internet Explorer versions 3.0 and higher must be tested.
No e-mail fields.
No image redirects.
No pop-up windows.
No more than three images or image calls (i.e., "IMG SRC=" in the code)
Do not put images in a separate directory.
Do not include <HTML>, <META>, <HEAD>, <TITLE>, or <BODY> tags in your submission
Submit ad in ASCII format

Ad Submission:
Klyde Morris, Inc. must receive signed insertion order, advertising creative, and payment in full at least five business days prior to "live" date.

Submit graphics, URLs and required Text to zwebmaster@klydemorris.com. Files can be sent as an attachment, or posted to a web/FTP site with location and instructions sent to the above e-mail for pick-up.

Include the following information with your submission. Ad placement may be delayed if any required information is missing.
- Start dates for current banner(s)
- Banner File and Name
- Alt Text
- Ref URL
- Specific instructions on how banner(s) should run, rotate, and/or replace other creative(s)

Note: Any element not meeting spec will be returned for revisions, which may result in a delay in the placement of your order.

Campaign Reporting:
Klyde Morris, Inc. will supply a unique username and password for each advertiser to the Ad Manager Administrator. This provides access to stats on advertiser's individual campaigns, ability to update client information, and order placement for new campaigns.

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