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Terms and Conditions:
Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser has the right to publish the contents. In consideration of such publication, advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold Klyde Morris, Inc. harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication.

All contents of advertisements are subject to approval by Klyde Morris, Inc. Klyde Morris, Inc. reserves the right to edit, revise, reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation, or position commitment at any time for any reason.

All positioning of ads is at the discretion of Klyde Morris, Inc. In no event will adjustments, reinstatements or refunds be made because of the position in which an advertisement has been published. Klyde Morris, Inc. will seek to comply with position requests and other stipulations that appear on insertion orders, but cannot guarantee that they will be followed. Payment of a premium position fee does not guarantee positioning. In the event that Klyde Morris, Inc. is unable to provide the requested positioning, the premium fee will be refunded.

Cancellations, corrections, changes of advertising dates and/or changes of advertising content must conform to published deadlines.

Neither Klyde Morris, Inc. nor its affiliates shall have any liability whatsoever by reason of error for which they may be responsible in any advertisement beyond liability to give the advertiser credit for so much of the space occupied by the advertisement as is materially affected by the error; and its obligation to give such credit shall not apply unless it is notified of the inaccuracy within 48 hours following the posting error.

Klyde Morris, Inc. shall be under no liability for its failure for any cause to publish an advertisement.

Klyde Morris, Inc. shall not be liable to the advertiser for any technical malfunction, computer error or loss of data or other injury, damage or disruption to advertisements or web sites or the service.

Klyde Morris, Inc. shall have the right to hold advertiser liable for such monies as are due and payable for advertising which advertiser ordered and which advertising was published.

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